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If you think back ten years or two ago with rap music in a steady rise, and also the whole attitude and fashion sense that included it, urban fashion is directly linked with this culture.

Hip hop music and also the culture is known for trend setting, meaning that it has the power to pursue large numbers of individuals to look, act or perhaps think in a certain style.

Fashion is among the biggest aspects of this culture. Many trends came and gone, and some still popular today like the act of wearing a baseball hats together with your outfit.

The main one trend that is slowly but surely losing sight of style is baggy clothing. high fashion urban luxury At one time period mainly in the southern states of the usa were urban fashion was regarded as extremely baggy jeans and tall t-shirts that reached almost for your knees. It was considered cool for some time and everybody was in it. Rappers dressed by doing this so their fans followed by doing the same.

Recently, the situation is different. The brand new rappers tend to be more edgy and style conscious. They wear and embrace more fitting clothing, some more fitting than the others.

Some older rappers have questioned or perhaps opposed this change in fashion and don't really embrace it, saying it portrays a feminine facets of clothing. exclusive contemporary fashion  They are saying tight clothing should be left for ladies, but the few which do stand up and try to defend baggy clothing only get overshadowed through the masses.

This phenomenon has also changed the way urban fashion designers design and showcase their clothing to their buyers. Their clothing is slimmer and promote more of a gentleman's look, not that of the thuggish individual.

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